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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dressing for success (i know im going to get called out on this one)

Ok guys...if you want to bag a 10 you gotta start learning how to dress for the right situations. First and foremost girls are attracted to snazzy dressers. Women go shopping constantly for a reason, because they love clothes and know clothes. So if you arent dressing right your going to have serious problems clappin dem cheeks at the end of the night.

First, enough of dressing like douches. Im sure im going to get a lot of hate for this from you guys but girls who want a real man not a guy who cant change his fucking spare tire. Wearing the pink, poppin the collar, wearing the skinny jeans, the v necks (douche tuxes), the affliction, ed hardy, the uber pre ripped jeans, wearing the flat billed hats on your below eye brows, tuckin your ears into your hat

When you guys are at the gym stop wearing the wife beaters and the tanks. Guys if you didnt have muscles would you still be wearing the beaters and the tanks? Probably not. When girls see you at the gym with the tank on their first thought is "who the fawk is he trying to impress" if you take a set of twins and they are super good looking and put one in a tshirt and the other in a tank top. The guy in the tshirt will get the girl hands down. Chics are not turned on by guys who are showing off.

Girls love seeing guys who are great dressers, they love button up shirts, they like sweaters, they love hats, pea coats, boot cut jeans, they love chucks, t-shirts, girls love when a girl is scarf guy. Girls will be creaming all night if you know how to dress. When you go out make sure you arent wearing a black belt with brown shoes. Stop wearing the basketball shorts underneath your jeans. Stop sagging the jeans and shorts. Chics arent turned on by basketball jerseys. Stop dressing like a walmart cowboy. Girls love the cowboy look but if your true to the cowboy thing. If you dress like a cowboy when your off of work and you have a corporate job obviously your full of shit. They like when you match. If your wearing dark dark blue jeans, and a dark dark blue shirt that doesnt work. No more XXXL shirts guys, they doesnt make them wet. No more dressin like your a black dude if your white. Sorry guys they dont like the wigger look. Girls are turned on by ties. I know im going to get a lot of crap for this but guys its the truth. I sent out a mass text to the girls in my phone and i got a nice response from them all.

Argyle is what girls will spread their legs for. All in all, girls love a snazzy dresser. If they see a guy who knows how to dress like a champ they will know you care and they will assume you can probably fawk like a champ as well. Dressing well will go a long way. Its the first thing a woman notices when you walk by. So guys if you want to bag a 9 or a 10 you should start at the beginning and start dressing to impress because all in all it works


  1. Pretty truthful.

    I never wear wife beaters or tanks at the gym for this very reason. No need to show off, a white shirt looks just fine.


  2. solid post, i think it depends on the girl when it comes to what clothes u wear though. some like wife beaters/ed hardy and others dont.

  3. Good advice man!
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  4. So much good advice in this post.

  5. Like Jordan said it definitely depends on the chick.

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  6. Lol, this is funny... followed