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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Past The Difficult Breakup...The FUN WAY!!!!!

Lets admit it we have all been there. If you havent been in a breakup either one your a lucky asshole or two you aren't experiencing life's true hardship. To truly get more out of life you should probably get a girlfriend then get dumped. A easy way to do this is put a ton of time and effort into the relationship then at a certain point when your madly in love, FUCK IT UP. You could go the needy route, you could start blowin up your man/or womans phone. You could do a little cheatin, or even the best one dont do anything wrong and get your heart broken just because your unlucky. Anyway when you get dumped you will now have some real life experience. But this blog is for all of you who want to push past the breakup the fun way...HITTIN THE SKINS, THROB AND GUZZLE, ya know the fun various ways. Ill be talking more and more about how to move past the breakup. Thanks guys. More to come in a few hours