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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


K guys this is how to pick up a 9. A 9 is used to being told she is beautiful, shes hot, blah blah but ya know what guys thats not how you go about getting a 9 because they need to hear something different that intrigues them. Something that makes them say to themselves "this guy is different, there is something about him i dont know what exactly IT is but i want suck his CAWK" K guys you gotta start making conversation just asking her how her night is going, is this her normal place she likes to come. But here is the key guys compliment them on their shoes, their top, their purse whatever. Just something that they are interested in and its most likely heels cause there are no girls that arent into heels. Then the next step is you either go two ways continue on with the conversation of heels or diss on her heels because she wont be expecting it. Girls that are 9's dont typically get dissed so its something different to them. "hey when did you buy those heels", she answers, you reply with "oh thats cool i thought they were the newest that came from that designer" when she hears that her panties instantly get wet thats when you need to make your move. Ask her if she wants to come over and go look at new heels on the computer, when she says yes your in. Just make sure not to feed her lines she always hears. Keep it fresh keep it new. By the end of the night those soaking wet panties from the 9 will be hanging off the arm of your couch


  1. Eagerly looking forward to the "how to pick up a 10" post.

  2. agree, why pick up only a 9, when we should be picking up a 10?

  3. 9? No more than 2/10, elbows to pointy.

  4. Get your confidence up = success in life.

  5. agree with lose fat, confidence can take you far in life, and not just when it comes to dating

  6. I've used a variation

    Me: Hey I really like your hair, its very unique
    Her: aww thanks thats sweet
    Me: No problem, my mom has hers done the same way


    Even if I lie, just the thought that her hair is the same as my moms is a backhanded compliment.