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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to get a cellphone bish to send you tits and ass pics

Doesnt matter what chic it is because any girl is willing to send pics, just make sure she has some sort of interest or thinks your cute, or you think dresses like a ho bag cause they would be willing to take a pic too. But when it comes to getting tits and ass pics you need to move in like a stealth bomber.

First step get a girl that texts you on a regular basis. Not a friend either because you dont need to cross that line with an actual good friend of yours that is a female unless you know she is interested. Next, start texting back and forth about whatever. When your ready to start the process say to her "hey, want to see a new pic i took earlier" she reponds "ya totally" hopefully your not a hideous monster because why would a hot girl want to send a goblin a picture of her ass. Anyways have a picture locked and ready make sure your wearing clothes. She responds back "wow you look really good" and you say "i have another pic but...nevermind" and shes like what about another pic. And you say "well ive got another pic but its shirtless and i thought it would be weird if i sent that so i didnt want to say anything" she says "no just send it over" she sees and is like WOW you look incredible. And you say do you have any pics and she will of course say "ya hold on". And she will send you a pic and you be like wow you look incredible do you have anymore and she will send over another one. This time say take one right now, and she will be like noo and you say hold on and you take one right then and there and send it and you say sorry i just think your gorgeous i just want to see what you look like right now. And then she will send you a pic.

SERIOUSLY IT DOES WORK GUYS. And you get the pic and you say oh shit you look so damn good, too bad you werent going to bed just yet and she says why and you say because if you were just going to bed you probably be wearing panties and you wouldve taken that picture and most likely she will say ill be going to bed in a bit and you say so are you saying your going to take a pic of yourself right before you get in bed and she will say ya i will for you. All you gotta do is start slow guys. Thats the downfall of getting slutty pics people get overzelous and then they get denied. Just work your way up to those pics. In my past experiences i was never denied some tits and ass pics because i didnt beg and i didnt jump right into it i slowly worked my way and then they just surprised me by saying do you want to see what i look like right now. EVERYTIME IT WORKS


  1. Take this as a gentle advice...put in some paragraphs in your post. Easier on the eye :)

  2. its all good chris. Ill try and start doing that

  3. I don't agree with it all, but whatever works!

  4. amazing....just...AMAZING!!!!!